Turn Overs, Change Overs and Saturday Cleanings

Turnover cleaningFirst we ask our customers the dates they need their turnovers to be done. Once this has been established. A check list for each house is made to be followed by.

Our managers are the first to head into every house. Their first job is to make sure their hasn’t been any damage or belongings left behind. If, any of these things have happened, the office is notified. Then the owners of the home are contacted to resolve the problem.

The job of each team is to start dusting and vacuuming. They then make sure each bathroom and kitchen area is pristine as if walking into a motel room. We dispose of any trash and perishables. The outside furniture and grill is left meticulous for the renters to feel as though they have walked in for a relaxing vacation. Last the manager takes ten minutes to check that each task has been done.